Climate Ambition Accelerator – Local Information Session

Are you ready to take ambitious actions toward a net zero future?

Welcome to the Local Information Session on Climate Ambition Accelerator.


13. apr
Kl. 09:15 - 10:00


UN Global Compact Norge

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Perhaps your company has not yet set emissions targets, or you’ve created targets without using the science-based targets methodology. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the technical requirements involved.

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, the Climate Ambition Accelerator will help you get started and make progress towards setting ambitious emission targets and implementing it. With the Transparency Act in action and several Science Based Regulations in discussion within the EU and Norway, it is of utmost importance to be one step ahead and prepare for the future regarding the Climate Regulations. Climate Ambition Accelerator is a programme to equip you with knowledge and guidance necessary for sustainable business model.

Sign up for the local information session especially catered to Norwegian businesses and be an early adopter.

Date: 13th April 2023, 9:15 – 10:00 am

Place: Digital via Teams

Language: English

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13. apr


UN Global Compact Norge

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